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About the Wildlife Restoration Foundation

Wildlife Restoration Foundation is in the business of bringing healthy wildlife back to America’s land and seascapes. The work we do as a nongovernmental organization is rooted by partnerships and is growing fast. We empower partners to intervene with innovative—and very direct—conservation measures on the ground and in the water.

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Native wildlife populations in parks are restored in ecological balance with the habitats that sustain them, and they thrive through shared stewardship of the animals, lands, and waters connected to parks.

(Photo taken by: Paula Knoll)



Use partnerships to directly and measurably increase park wildlife population viability and create safe corridors for wildlife passage in harmony with human communities.

About Us: What We Do

Board of Directors

The members of the WRF board represent philanthropy and experts in wildlife and habitat recovery, management and science, animal husbandry and health, technology, infrastructure and media.

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Dan Ashe

President and CEO
Association of Zoos and Aquariums

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Sharon Deem DVM, PH.D., Dipl ACZM

Director, Institute for Conservation Medicine


Saint Louis Zoo


Nik Dehejia

Conservation Society of California/Oakland Zoo


Jesse Gilbert

President & CEO
Texas State Aquarium


Shannon Hackley

Shannon Leigh Design- Strategic Placemaking- Making Places for a Better World


Sally Jacobson

President and CEO-
Red River Zoo


Susan H. Lylis

Executive Vice President
International Conservation Caucus Foundation


Tom McDonald

Tribal Council Chair, Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes
Fish and Wildlife Division,
Department of Natural Resources Confederated Salish & Kootenai Tribes

Stallmer Headshot_pp (1).jpg

Eric W. Stallmer

Executive Vice President
Voyager Space


Mary Wagner

Director of Communications
Associate Chief (Retired), 
U.S. Forest Service

About Us: Meet the Board

Meet the Team

The members of the WRF board represent philanthropy and experts in wildlife and habitat recovery, management and science, animal husbandry and health, technology, infrastructure and media.  

WRF staff work closely with both government and private sectors to establish productive and targeted partnerships to benefit wildlife.

WRF Project Partners implement wildlife recovery solutions in the field—both in situ and ex situ—and include government agencies, nonprofits, Tribes, and businesses that seek collaboratively-derived wildlife coexistence and support strategies. 


Julie Anton Randall

Founder & President

Julie Anton Randall has over 20 years’ experience working for wildlife recovery and security across multiple sectors as human development expands. She founded the Zoo-Park Partnerships for America’s Keystone Wildlife Project with the Association of Zoos & Aquariums and National Park Service in 2017, then WRF in 2021. Prior, she served as Facilitator of the North American Intergovernmental Committee on Wilderness & Protected Areas Conservation composed of 6 federal protected area agency directors., managed the North American Save the Rhinos Campaign, and worked on Wilderness Foundation South Africa’s anti-poaching projects. Julie coordinated a 130-member coalition for the Wildlife Conservation Society, InterTribal Buffalo Council, and National Bison Association that achieved naming bison the U.S. National Mammal in 2016. She staffed the USDA National Organic Program in its upstart years, as an agricultural economist with deep appreciation for the value and challenges of farming and ranching. As a consultant and as WILD Foundation Vice President, Julie has managed many collaboratives compelling diverse stakeholders to forge common solutions. She holds a B.A. from the University of California Santa Barbara and M.A. from Stanford University.


Bridget Burns

Conservation & Partnerships Manager

Bridget Burns brings hands-on animal care experience to WRF and is dedicated to the conservation of wildlife and their habitats. While earning her Bachelor’s degree in Captive Wildlife Care and Education at Unity College in Maine, she volunteered and interned at several wildlife refuges, nature centers, zoos, and animal rehabilitation facilities. After working for a time as a zookeeper for Ross Park Zoo in New York, she moved to the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem to join the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center (GWDC), becoming Lead Keeper and a member of the conservation and research team as well as liaison for GWDC’s Zoo-Park Partnership with Yellowstone National Park. She continues to serve as GWDC’s Conservation Coordinator part-time. She is also a key collaborator for Forest Breeze Conservation, a non profit centered around Forest Elephant conservation.

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Addison Dunn

Website & Tech Manager

Addison Dunn is responsible for managing the WRF website and is committed to using technology to support the science and communications applications that benefit wildlife and parks and WRF’s partnerships. He holds Bachelor’s degrees in computer science and business from the University of Virginia. His work experience includes sales for Zello, a walkie-talkie mobile app company based in Austin, Texas, and his current role as Full Stack Engineer at Dimagi, a socially impactful technology company with operations in the United States, India and South Africa designed to build mobile apps that provide better data and new tools for solving societal problems.

About Us: WRF Team


Arnold & Porter provides expert and comprehensive legal services to WRF on a pro bono basis.

Marcum LLP is providing pro bono accounting services to WRF.

Anna Mullin designed the logo for WRF and is an illustrator currently living in Denver, CO. She works in many mediums and outlets in her spare time, and recently published her first children's book "One Tomato." To learn more about the artist and her work, visit

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