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We restore wildlife to parks.


The Problem

In the past century greed and ignorance ravaged wildlife until parks set boundaries. Wildlife were stripped from lands and waters in a dark chapter of history that in some countries continues…

Today, America’s recovering populations battle health, genetic diversity, human-conflict, and habitat challenges.


The Solution

The Wildlife Restoration Foundation (WRF) is bringing wildlife back in parks through direct interventions
of expertise, operational resources, supplies, and even animals and plants to regrow lost populations.

And it is drawing local communities and park visitors into lasting wildlife stewardship.


“In reality, park wildlife populations are often too small and too disconnected to grow and thrive—or they are overcome by outside challenges that may be insurmountable."
-Julie Anton Randall, WRF President

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Zoo-Park Partnerships

WRF's core work is forming partnerships between zoos and parks

(Photo taken by: Paula Knoll)


Wildlife Coexistence Collaborative Strategies

WRF also hosts and facilitates workshops and convenings themed on human-wildlife coexistence.